Document Retention, Data Security, and Privacy Practice Specialty

The Litigation Practice Group’s specialty in Document Retention Data Security, and Privacy can help you design effective solutions for document management and data security that comply with state and federal laws relating to information retention and privacy, while minimizing cost and legal risk. In the digital age, a comprehensive document management program needs to include strategies for storing, protecting, and destroying electronic data in a variety of formats, as well as traditional paper files. We design and provide educational training for comprehensive document retention and data security programs for both international and local companies.

We can work with you to develop:

  • Common-sense records management programs that meet your legal obligations and your business needs
  • Strategies to prevent a cyber security breach and contingency plans that will go into effect in the event of an intrusion
  • Economical and effective strategies to help manage the discovery of electronic information in litigation or a regulatory investigation
  • Sensible policies to govern the employee use of e-mail and the Internet
  • Useful advice on policy design that properly protects the confidentiality of information as required by state and federal laws

David McConnell is the principal attorney in this practice specialty and has helped develop document retention plans for clients ranging in size from a small local real estate brokerage firm to a large multi-national corporation.