Intellectual Property Practice Group

The Intellectual Property Practice Group is vigilant in protecting our clients’ hard-earned intellectual property, whether it is brand identity, artwork, literature, a musical piece, or other product.

We represent a broad range of IP clients, and:

  • Prepare, file and oversee trademark, patent, copyright, and domain name applications and registrations at the state, federal and international levels;
  • Negotiate overseas licensing agreements, and secure international trademark protection for clients’ brand names; and,
  • Prosecute and defend claims of infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark, copyright and domain names in state and federal court as well as before international regulatory bodies.

We are a rapid response team, and understand the importance of quick and effective measures to stop illegal use of another’s intellectual property. For example, when a client advised that an online vendor was selling counterfeit copies of designs that were created by the client, we were able to compel the removal of the copied artwork from the offending website by ordering the website to cease and desist within a week.